Mid-Week Reflections – The Learning Continues

My learning curve for technology has often meant that I do not gain the most that I can out of the tools at my disposal. I know there is always more I can do with my phone, my laptop and all the apps within them. The new tech learning from today is a key take-away that I plan to explore more in depth over the coming years.

I am very interested in how I can have a stronger assessment strategies and rubrics, and there is a fair amount of information and support in the portal for faculty. The trick is finding the information, learning how to use the tools and keep practicing. I want to develop an ongoing strategy for assessing my own development regarding using the online tools for assessment and rubric development. While I do not expect to be developing my rubrics online for this fall, I will experiment with them so that I can learn how it enhances calculation and feedback.

Formative assessment strategies and ways to check for understanding in engaging ways has always been an important part of my teaching. Today, we were able to try Kahoot which my kids tell me about all the time. In high school they incorporate Kahoot quizzes into their own presentations and have become accustomed to using this type of quick tool in class. And hey kids, I was quick on the click today!




Letter to myself on Friday…

You don’t have to remember everything you have been told today.

People are friendly and will welcome your questions.

Remember key ideas, “must dos” and where you wrote your reminders.

Your learning curve just increased exponentially. You are exactly where you are supposed to be in this journey. You have water, you have your books and you know how to ask the people with the maps.

This is what you can model for others. Not always knowing is okay.

Learning along-side, learning from the path ahead and those who have walked it.

It’s okay to be uncomfortable with new learning. Share this lesson in your teaching.


image source: Jeff Turner, Hiking  https://www.flickr.com/photos/respres/5901787178/in/photolist-9ZwcHm-Wxuzmu-WAnohF-XuUNTE-QwRH94-8G4irm-g7X4rY-XxCb5n-UTwBFC-XEx3be-g4YWfX-74W8JW-TyfxkF-fqpZCB-UTvsFW-RgXZhZ-Wxv1Dd-WCyCNR-XFHGps-g7WG4Y-6WnEzM-m7MDHT-akBQyH-g7Wt8P-mvTAr-6RVZNp-UjpgFn-6RVZwz-TfEUtm-74W8x7-pmVE94-WzM2D4-cUDL2J-pmX4HK-6ERNYS-XKU4a1-7a9MQ3-npVEXg-7EM8D-XoEinD-ohHgzt-UJceEb-XDRcDn-XxCqAr-Tyhcca-pDrbTx-XBPNEa-awvze9-TvkEsL-6S13FG